Laurie Churchman

Laurie Churchman is the principal of Designlore and an Assistant Professor of Visual Communication Design at the Izmir University of Economics, Turkey. Laurie has also taught at NC State University and the University of Pennsylvania. Her research looks at the intersection of creativity, typography and innovation, and in her practice she is a publication designer primarily for cultural institutions. Published in 2008, her book, The Art of Boat Names, is a study of the typography lettered on boats. Currently she is researching a second book on the history of American sign painting in the 20th century. Laurie is a past board member of World Studio Foundation, AIGA/NY, AIGA/Raleigh and the National Board of Directors of AIGA. She is also an AIGA Fellow. Laurie holds a BS from the University of Delaware, an MFA from Yale University and a certificate from AIGA/Harvard Business School Design Leaders program.

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