Eben Sorkin

Eben Sorkin is the owner of the independent type foundry Sorkin Type Co. Sorkin Type Co.’s most visible recent work has been supplying Google with new web tuned typefaces. These will number over 60 by the middle of 2012. The Sorkin Type Co.’s web site is coming soon and will offer print specific versions of the fonts now found on Google web fonts as well as other releases. Complete web specific families expanded from the Google web fonts will also be available from web type services soon as well. In addition to managing Sorkin Type Co., Eben consults on using type for strategic business advantage, designs type, teaches about type design and the relationship of science to type design internationally. He also enjoys carving letters in stone. Eben loves the beauty of type but he loves the utility of type even more. His favorite pattern of work is working in collaboration with others. Eben is a graduate with distinction from the MA in type design program at Reading University (UK). Eben lives in in Boston, MA, USA.


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