Play, Space and Text

This talk will focus upon the usage of typography and text as playful constituents which are devised to engender oblique communications that are meant to be ‘felt’ rather than ‘read’, and which are used as tools of expression within the presenter’s own creative practice in online three dimensional worlds, also known as the metaverse.

Rather than approach type as the primary device of graphic communication that it is traditionally held to be, the presenter deviates into investigations which examine the de-constructive properties of typography brought about through the three dimensional nature of the viewing environment in which the interaction occurs. A second usage of text engaged upon by the presenter is as an element that replaces the visual signifier in its entirety; as a representational contrivance whereby objects are ‘read as what they are’. These two approaches will be discussed and exemplified through the presentation of a visual documentation consisting of videos (e.g., Uranometria) and images.

Keywords: text, deconstruction, 3D, metaverse, virtual.


Event Details

Date: 15 June, 2012
Time: 11:00–11:30

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